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(23 Jul 2015)

Cir. 22/2015

Dear Branch Secretary

The Civil Service Arbitration Board Report in relation to the sequences for promotion to the Principal Officer grade has been accepted by the Minister.  

The Board has ruled under binding arbitration that the sequence should be 1/3 internal and 2/3 open.  The Board also recommends that the position resulting from the new arrangements should be reviewed by the parties after they have been in operation for 2 years.  

The Association is disappointed with the outcome and will monitor the sequence mindful of the review mechanism referenced in the decision.

It is proposed to discuss the finding (copy attached) at the September Executive Committee meeting.

For information the AP ruling was 1/3 internal, 1/3 inter-departmental & 1/3 open.  

Please circulate to all members.

This circular will also be placed on the Association’s website

John Kelleher
Deputy General Secretary 

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