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(13 Feb 2013)

Circular 10/2013 - Results of Survey

Dear Branch Secretary

Thank you to all the members who filled out our recent survey on working hours. There was a very good response. The Association currently has approximately 2,863 members and approximately 2,700 were circulated with the survey (members in An Post were not circulated). 1,372 members responded which is an excellent statistical return. We have summarised the results below:1. On average, how many hours per week do you work outside of contracted hours i.e. before 9.15am and after 5.30pm Monday to Friday? For those members availing of flexible working arrangements, please include hours before 8am and after 7pm. (When considering your answer, please include travel on Official Business outside of hours Monday to Friday only).

None                                                                    9.48%

1-5 hours per week                                         45.81%

6-10 hours per week                                      32.17%

More than 10 hours per week                     12.69%

2. Now in regard to weekends and public holidays only, how many days per month (Saturday/Sunday/Public holiday) do you work? (When considering your answer, please include travel on Official Business on Saturdays/Sundays/Public holidays).

None                                                                 66.37%

1-3 days per month                                      27.94%

More than 3 days per month                       5.69%

3. Do you regularly receive official telephone calls/emails outside of contracted hours i.e. once a week or more?

Yes                                                                 58.35%

No                                                                   41.65%

 27% of the respondents were POs and 73% were APs.In the context of the current Croke Park Extension Talks, the information is very timely and useful. For example the survey indicates the 91% of members are currently working additional hours.Please circulate to all members.



Dave Thomas
General Secretary

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