Aims of the Association

The Association is made up of over fifty Branches in the Republic of Ireland. It also provides a negotiating and representation service to the Veterinary Officers Association (VOA) which represents professional veterinary personnel in the State Veterinary Service.

Our aims are to:

  • Provide effective negotiation, representation and back-up services to our members in relation to government, employer and industrial relations issues.
  • Maintain and improve pay and conditions of employment for our members.
  • Promote effective management.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the strategic reform of the civil and public service.

The AHCPS is the only trade union in the Republic of Ireland dedicated to representing the interests of public service managers and professionals. We have been representing members across the Civil and Public Service for over 75 years. We have the experience and influence to provide highly personalised support and make a real difference in the workplace. We strive to improve our members’ terms conditions and working lives and we act as a powerful advocate for our members and the public services they deliver.