Welcome to the Association of Higher Civil and Public Servants (AHCPS)

The Association is a registered trade union affiliated to the Irish Congress of Trade Unions. We represent over 3,000 senior civil servants and managers in the State sector.

Our members are key policy influencers and public service providers who have made a major contribution to Irish life and administrative, economic and social development since the foundation of the State.

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The Association represents over 3,000 senior civil servants and managers in the commercial and non-commercial State sector.

If you are an Assistant Principal Officer or Principal Officer and would like to join the AHCPS, apply now.


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Services to Members

In addition to gaining access to the effective negotiation and representation provided by the Association, AHCPS members can avail of a range of services including

Legal Disclaimer:
The Executive Committee and the Association accept no legal responsibility for the services provided to members under the various schemes and arrangements in operation.

Income Continuance Plan

AHCPS Income Continuance Plan

Even the healthiest person can suffer unexpected illness or, indeed, have a serious accident. This is why membership of the AHCPS Income Continuance Plan is so vital for many members, as it is designed to dovetail with public sector sick pay entitlements.

If you are a new member to the ICP or Transferring from the FORSA scheme you can access the ICP Application here.

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The policy is underwritten by Irish Life and the brokers are Cornmarket Group Financial Services Ltd. For more information on financial products and services offered to AHCPS members by Cornmarket log on to www.cornmarket.ie


Associate Membership

The Association provides associate membership to former members who retire or who are promoted to Assistant Secretary or higher and any other applicant the Executive Committee decides as appropriate. They are entitled to avail of many services to members with serving Associates eligible to continue coverage under the Income Continuance Plan.

Associate Membership Annual Subscriptions

Retired Members Life Cover Plan

All retired and retiring members of the AHCPS are eligible to apply to join the Group Life Retired Members Plan. Once accepted into the Retired Members’ Life Cover Plan it provides for the payment of a tax-free lump sum in the event of death after you retire. This Plan is designed and administered by Cornmarket Group Financial Service Ltd. and underwritten by Irish Life Assurance plc.

Retired Members Life Cover

  • AHCPS please click the above link to access the application form for Retired Members' Life Cover

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With over 75 years of experience, we can advise and support you through any work issue you might have.

We provide our members with effective negotiation and representation on matters pertaining to pay, employment and improving conditions.

Members receive expert legal advice and access to best-in-class financial services.

Enjoy exclusive discounts on a range of services.

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