The Association maintains a wide range of contacts with other associations, unions and relevant bodies across Ireland and internationally.

  • 1. Irish Congress of Trade Unions

      The Association is a member of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions. The most recent ICTU Biennial Delegate Conference took place in 2019 and was attended by the General Secretary, Ciaran Rohan, Deputy General Secretary, Paul Malone, Assistant General Secretary, Billy Kelleher, Edna Dowling, Chairperson, Val Jeffrey, Vice Chairperson and Larry Dunne, Treasurer

  • 2. Public Services Committee

      The Association participates in the work of the Public Services Committee of Congress. The Committee is representative of public service unions in the civil service, local authorities, health service, teaching and the general and craft unions which have members in the public service.

  • 3. ICTU Women’s Committee

  • 4. Civil Service Unions

      The Association maintains close contact with our sister Civil Service unions FORSA and the POA.

  • 5. Veterinary Officers’ Association (VOA)

      The AHCPS continues to provide negotiating and representational facilities to the Veterinary Officers’ Association. The VOA represents 290 veterinary staff in the State Veterinary Service. The members of the VOA are also associate members of the Association.

  • 6. Senior Civil Service Association

      The Association maintains close contact with SCSA.

  • 7. Retired Civil and Public Servants Association

  • 8. European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU)

      The Association has affiliated to EPSU from 1st January 2006. The Federation, which was founded in 1978, represents 8 million workers in 216 public service unions in all EU countries.

  • 9. Union of Finance Personnel in Europe (UFE)

      The Association is affiliated to the UFE on behalf of its Revenue branch.

  • 10. Union Network International (UNI)

      The Association has affiliated to UNI in respect of its An Post membership.

  • 11. Association of First Division Civil Servants (FDA)

      The Association maintains close contact with both FDA (London) and  the FDA (Northern Ireland) section.

  • 12. Institute Of Public Administration

      The Association holds membership of the IPA.

  • 13. Irish Labour History Society

  • 14. Hospital Saturday Fund

      The Association is represented on the Board of the HSF Health Plan by the General Secretary, Ciaran Rohan.

  • 15. Combined Services Third World Fund

  • 16. Civil Service Charities Fund