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(25 Feb 2013)

Cir. 12/2013 Croke Park Extension Proposals 25 Feb 2013

The discussions under the auspices of the Labour Relations Commission (LRC) in relation to the Government’s proposals to reduce the pay and pensions bill by an additional €1 billion between 2013 and 2015 have just concluded at 11 am this morning.

An LRC document outlining the full proposals will not be available for a further 24 – 48 hours. However the main elements are outlined below.


Management’s target of achieving additional savings of €1 billion in the pay and pension bill will be achieved by:

Measure Savings
Additional working hours €100 million
Headcount reductions €150 million
Overtime €92 million
Premium payments €65 million
Increments €110 million
“Higher pay” €210 million
Sector specific pay measures €156 million
Other measures €55 million

TOTAL €938 million

Higher Pay

The major elements that affects AHCPS grades are pay cuts for medium and higher paid staff. The union position was that we were opposed to pay cuts. However, the Official Side was clear that this was a political decision and the Government will legislate for it regardless.

The details were not outlined until the final plenary session this morning at 10.15am.

The cuts will be progressive and the Official Side believe will yield significant savings. The cuts will vary from 5.5% up to 10%.

For those earning (including allowances in the nature of pay) between:

€65k - €80k 5.5%
€80k - €150k 8.0%
€150k - €185k 9.0%
€185k + 10.0%

The threshold will be €65k (including allowances in the nature of pay).

For those on salaries of between €65k and €100k there will be a pull back and freeze for the duration of the Agreement. For those over €100k there will be a pay cut.

For illustrative purposes a PO on €95k their salary will be pulled back by

5.5% on the first €80k and
8% on the remaining €15k.
They will remain on this salary for the duration of the Agreement.

Other elements of the proposals are:


Those employees currently working greater than 35 net hours will move to 39 net hours. Those on less than or equal to net 35 hours will move to 37 net hours. (AP and POs have a scheduled working week of 34.75 net hours) those working 39 hours or more (Prisons) there will be no change.

Flexible Working Arrangements (Flexitime)

The Official Side proposals initially proposed that FWA would not apply to staff at AP or above. After discussion and with the assistance of the LRC the following was proposed “FWA will not apply to Staff at the Assistant Principal Officer grade and its equivalents in the Civil Service and other sectors, except for those staff that already have this arrangement. In these cases the staff concerned will not be eligible to avail of flexi leave."


This impacts on those below €65k. For those on less then €35k there will be one 3 month incremental pay pause. (i.e. there will be one 15 month, rather than 12 month duration before moving along pay scale)

For those between €35k and €65k there will be two, 3 months incremental pay pauses.

For those on the max point or LSI points of the scale (salaries below €65k) there are proposals relating to reduction in annual leave or cash equivalent for duration of agreement.

Overtime Rate:

For those under €35k new rate 1.5 times
For those over €35k rate will be 1.25 times.

Premium / Twilight

Twilight hours payments – eliminated
Sunday/Public Holidays – new rate of 1.75 times

Compulsory Redundancies

There will be no compulsory redundancies. The union side successfully moved management from its opening position that compulsory redundancies should be allowed in some circumstances.

There are details in relation to some of the proposals that are not yet available until the LRC document is circulated in the next 24-48 hours. The document will be circulated to members when available.

A Special Executive Committee meeting of the Association has been called for tomorrow Tuesday to consider the proposals.

The proposals will be put to a ballot of the membership.

John Kelleher
Deputy General Secretary

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