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Officers for 2017-2018

The following Officers were elected for 2017-2018 at the Annual Delegate Conference held in May 2017:

Chairperson John Glennon Courts Service
Vice-Chairperson Edna Dowling Social Protection
Treasurer Larry Dunne Public Expenditure & Reform

Chairperson - John Glennon 

John joined the Civil Service in 1981 and has worked in the Department of Justice, the Courts Service and the Law Reform Commission during his civil service career. John started his career as a Junior Court Clerk (EO equivalent) and is currently a Director in the Courts Service. John completed a three year period as the staff representative on the Courts Service Board, having been elected to the Board in 2011.

John has been a life long trade union member and activist. He has served in officer positions in the Civil Service Alliance, the Supreme and High Court Officers Association and the Courts branch of the AHCPS.

John was elected as Vice-Chairperson of the AHCPS in 2011, having been a member of the Executive Committee for a number of years



Vice-Chairperson - Edna Dowling

Edna joined the Civil Service in 1992.  This is her second spell in Dept. Social Protection, having previously served in CSO and (the then) Dept of Public Enterprise.  She was previously a member of both CPSU and PSEU and has been a member of AHCPS since her promotion in 2006.  She joined the Executive in 2009 and has represented the Association on the ICTU Womens’ Committee.




Treasurer - Larry Dunne

Larry joined the civil service in 1979 and has worked in the Department of Agriculture, the Forest Service, the Department of Marine, the Courts Services, the OIC, the Departments of Finance and Public Expenditure & Reform.

Larry has been actively involved in civil service trade union affairs since 1980. He was Chairman of the Department of Agriculture branch of the CPSU during the 1980s/1990s. He was a member of the CPSU Executive Committee for many years, serving as Vice President of that union and was also chair of the Marine PSEU Branch. Larry served on the OIC, Finance and D/PER branches of the AHCPS and is a long serving a member of the Executive Committee.

Larry also represents the Association on the Board of the Civil Service Charities Fund.

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Honorary Officers

President Tom Quigley

P. A. Terry
Mary McGuire
Benny Kevitt
Richard Ryan
Con Ryan
Pat Dowling
Seán Ó Riordáin 
Brian Ingoldsby
Peter Greene
Dave Thomas
Mary McLoughlin
Brian Murnane


Billy Carrie
Brigitta O'Doherty
Brian McKevitt

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