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Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU)

The Association is a member of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions. The most recent ICTU Biennial Delegate Conference took place in 2007 and was attended by the Chairperson Ciaran Rohan, General Secretary, Dave Thomas, Assistant General Secretary, John Kelleher and Tom Allen, Executive Committee member. 

At a specially convened conference in Dublin's Liberty Hall on November 17, 2009 delegates representing all Congress affiliates voted overwhelmingly in favour of accepting the new national deal on pay and employment rights, Towards 2016, Review and Transitional Agreement.


ICTU Public Services Committee

The Association participates in the work of the Public Services Committee of Congress. The
Committee is representative of public service unions in the civil service, local authorities, health service, teaching and the general and craft unions which have members in the public service. 


ICTU Women’s Committee

John Kelleher, Deputy General Secretary and Equality Officer and Edna Dowling Executive Committee represents the Association on the ICTU Women’s Committee.

ICTU Retired Workers’ Committee

The Association is represented on the Retired Workers’ Committee of Congress by Vice Presidents Tom Quigley and Brian Fitzpatrick.


Civil Service Unions

The Association maintains close contact with the CPSU, PSEU, IMPACT, and the POA.


Veterinary Officers’ Association (VOA)

The AHCPS continues to provide negotiating and representational facilities to the Veterinary Officers’ Association. The VOA represents 290 veterinary staff in the State Veterinary Service. The members of the VOA are also associate members of the Association.


Senior Civil Service Association

The Association maintains close contact with SCSA.

Retired Civil and Public Servants Association

The Association provides accommodation facilities to the Retired Civil and Public Servants’Association and facilitates them in every way possible.


European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU)

The Association has affiliated to EPSU from 1st January 2006. The Federation, which was founded in 1978, represents 8 million workers in 216 public service unions in all EU countries.

Union of Finance Personnel in Europe (UFE)

The Association is affiliated to the UFE in respect of its Revenue membership. The 31st UFE Customs Committee Meeting was held in Brussels in September 2008 and the Association was represented by Mary Farrell and Frank O’Dwyer, Revenue Branch, and Dave Thomas, General Secretary.

Union Network International (UNI)

The Association has affiliated to UNI in respect of its An Post membership. The Assistant General Secretary John Kelleher and Executive Committee member Willie Prendergast attended a meeting of the group in Luxembourg in September 2008.

Association of First Division Civil Servants (FDA)

The Association maintains close contact with both FDA (London) and  the FDA (Northern Ireland) section.

FDA Parliamentary Group

The FDA which represents members in The Westminster Parliament, The Scottish Parliament, The Welsh Assembly and the Northern Ireland Assembly set up a group which includes representative from Houses of the Oireachtas AHCPS branch. The Group discuss matters of mutual interest, best practice and share information in an informal way. Since September 2007 three meetings have taken place in Edinburgh, Dublin with the third meeting in London on 30 October 2008.

Institute Of Public Administration

The Association holds membership of the IPA.

Irish Labour History Society

The Association is also affiliated to the Irish Labour History Society.


Hospital Saturday Fund

The Association is represented on the Board of the HSF Health Plan by the General Secretary, Dave Thomas, who is the Vice-Chairman of the Board.


Combined Services Third World Fund

The Association is represented on the Third World Fund .

Civil Service Charities Fund

The Association is represented on the Civil Service Charities Fund by Larry Dunne Executive Committee member.

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