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Ezine - July 2014

(24 Jul 2014)

Cir. 11/2014

Ezine – July 2014

Motions at ADC
In relation to motions debated at the Association’s Annual Delegate Conference held in May last, here is a link to the Proposed Action on Motions document.

Appointment of General Secretary
Here is an article from the Irish Times from Tuesday the 22nd of July. The article deals with the appointment of the General Secretary and the priorities for the Association over the next while.

Dignity at Work
Discussions are coming to a conclusion on a revised Dignity at Work policy. This is the revised Anti-Bullying, Harassment and Sexual Harassment policy for the Civil Service. Further information can be found here.

Income Continuance Plan
The AHCPS Income Continuance (Protection) Plan, exclusive to AHCPS members, provides members with a replacement income if their income drops or stops due to ill health. This is particularly important in the context of the revised sick leave arrangements. The rate of 0.65%, which was set in 2009, is currently due to be reviewed for a further five-year period. Two issues will impact on the rate:

                 1. The claims history and;
                 2. The revised sick leave arrangements

However the feedback we have received at this point suggests that the rate will not be increased. We will communicate further with members when we have agreed a new rate. Further information can be found here.

Future Union Organisation
In relation to Future Union Organisation, as outlined in the Association’s Annual Report, the ICTU Bi-annual delegate conference in July 2013 passed a motion which endorsed the report of the Trade Union Commission.   The Report recommended greater integration of unions including greater co-operation in supplying services to members. Further information is available here.

Department of Social Protection grades
An update in relation to former FAS Grade 7's and former Superintendent Community Welfare Officers now in the Department of Social Protection can be found here.

Civil Service Shared Services
In relation to Civil Service Shared Services you will find an update here. It is fair to say that the Association has received some feedback in relation to member’s interaction with PeoplePoint particularly regarding pension-related matters. We would ask members, who are having difficulty with PeoplePoint to make contact with their Branch Secretaries who can then communicate with the Association.

Greyhound “Lockout”
In relation to the Greyhound “Lockout” please see the this letter from ICTU. It suggests that our members in the Dublin area make contact with Greyhound in relation to their treatment of workers. The letter also seeks a financial commitment from the Association on behalf of the workers. The Executive Committee of the Association has decided to pay an amount of €2,000 to the Support Fund.

Assistant General Secretary
Regarding the filling of the Assistant General Secretary position, unfortunately, there were an insufficient number of applications received for the post. It was therefore decided by the Executive Committee to defer the filling of the post to later in the year.

The Protected Disclosures Act 2014 - This is a legislative framework for the protection of workers (“Whistle-blowers”) who are threatened with or suffer detriment at the hands of their employers for having made a disclosure in accordance with the provisions of the legislation. Further information can be found here.

Travel and Subsistence
An update on the review of Travel and Subsistence can be found here.

An update on PMDS can be found here. The matter of external appeal has been referred to third party adjudication.

Loyalty Cards
The Association has decided to provide members, at no cost to the member, with a Membership Plus Loyalty Card which will enable the member to avail of discounts at a large range of retail outlets on production of the card. Further information can be found here.



Proposed Action on  ADC Motions 2014 

Irish Times 22 July article on Appointment of General Secretary and priorities for the Association

Dignity at Work

AHCPS Income Continuance (Protection) Plan

Future Union Organisation

FAS Grade 7s  and former Superintendent Community Welfare Officers now in Dept of Social Protection 

Civil Service Shared Services

Greyhound "Lockout"

The Protection Disclosures Act 2014

Travel and Subsistence


Membership Plus Loyalty Card 

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