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(19 Mar 2013)

Circular 20/2013 - Update for members and advice on working hours

Dear Branch Secretary

The Association will commence balloting members tomorrow (Wednesday) on the LRC Proposals including the commitment by the Government to cut pay and freeze increments and is strongly urging members to vote NO.

A series of questions were put to the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform seeking clarity on a number of issues. DPER has published a FAQs document here on its website. Unfortunately this document does not adequately address the most important issue from the Association's perspective i.e. what precisely happens after three years? What seems to be the situation is that members will not return to the point they were on BEFORE the cut but to some point below that. That means that the indicative scales the Association sent to members actually UNDERSTATE the loss members may experience as a result of the proposed pay cuts and increment freeze.

The ICTU Public Services Committee meets on Wednesday the 17th of April to vote on the LRC proposals and the Government decision. AHCPS balloting will close on Friday the 12th of April and be counted on Monday the 15th of April. The ballot will be accompanied by explanations on the implications of voting in favour and against the proposals. While it was noted that the Association may not have clarification on every item before the ballot, there was agreement by the Executive that any clarification received will not change the fundamentals of the proposals (pay cuts, increment freeze, extra hours etc).

It may be useful at this point to clarify the working hours of members. The hours of attendance of APs and POs and equivalents are 9.15 to 5.30 pm Monday to Thursday and 9.15 to 5.15 on Friday with an hour and a quarter for lunch per day. This equates to 34 hours and 45 minutes per week. The Association has other members with slightly different attendance patterns to this. While additional attendance is occasionally required outside of these hours and has been freely given (and more) by members, it is clear from engaging with members over the last number of weeks that any goodwill that existed is now gone. While it is essentially a matter for individual members, the advice of the Association is that attendance outside of these hours is not compulsory. Please note that this includes answering calls, texts or dealing with emails after hours.

The Association is progressing the issue of legal advice on the proposed pay cuts/increment freeze, proposed pension cuts and the anti-family-friendly nature of the LRC Proposals from an equality perspective.

The Association will continue to keep members updated.

Please circulate this message to all members.


Dave Thomas
General Secretary

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