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(13 May 2013)

Circular 27/2013 - Revised Proposals following meetings with LRC

Dear Branch Secretary

The Association’s Officials engaged with Department of Public Expenditure and Reform officials under the auspices of the Labour Relations Commission earlier last week and again over the week end.

Following intensive discussions on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th May at the LRC a number of issues that are of concern to the Association were addressed. The issues broadly were:

1. The Pay cuts
2. The increment freeze
3. Grace Period for superannuation purposes
4. Abolition of Flexi time
5. Former FAS grade 7s in DSP
6. Former Superintendent CWOs in DSP
7. EU Presidency Allowance

The AHCPS team emphasised that they were opposed to any pay cuts. The Official side said that the Government intended to introduce legislation to cut the pay of public servants earning over €65k as outlined in the LRC proposals. The Official side stated that the Government would not reduce the amount of the cut and will legislate without our agreement.

However, the pay cut aside, the Official side said that they were prepared to offer the following in return for a collective agreement which will increase the working hours from 34.75 to 37 hours per week.

• The next increment (including LSIs) due after 1st July will be paid. (This is an improvement)
• Two six month increment delays will apply, to take effect after the payment of the next increment due. This includes annual increments as well as LSIs. (This is an improvement).
• For those on pay scales that start below €100k but go over the €100k i.e. PO Post-1995 and PO higher, they will be treated in a similar fashion to those on salaries below €100k and revert to the current pay scale rather than have a permanent pay cut. (This is an improvement)
• Salary will be restored to 2013 levels in two equal phases over an 18 month period after the conclusion of the agreement on 30 June 2016, with 50% on 1 April 2017 and 50% on 1 January 2018. (This is an improvement). Please note this is not “back money” as reported in the media today.
• There will be a grace period for Superannuation purposes up to 31 August 2014.
• Any person retiring within the grace period who was due an increment before retirement that has been deferred due to the 6 month increment freeze will receive that increment for superannuation purposes. (This is an improvement)
• The flexi leave will be restored for those on flexi time. (This is an improvement)
• Worksharers on a work pattern of less than 50% will be allowed on a personal to holder basis to retain that worksharing pattern. (This is an improvement)
• There is to be a process within the lifetime of the agreement to rectify the issue of former FAS Grade 7 staff in DSP. (This is an improvement)
• There is to be a process within the lifetime of the agreement to rectify the issue of former Superintendent CWOs in DSP who pay an additional 5% contribution without any uprating of scales. (This is an improvement)
• There will be a process to rectify the EU Presidency Allowance. (This is an improvement)

The Executive Committee met today Monday 13th May to consider the revised proposals. The Executive have decided to put the proposals to a ballot of the members. The ballot will not take place until the talks in the LRC are completed and a final document is available.

Please circulate this note to all members.

This circular will be available on the Association’s website

Dave Thomas
General Secretary
13 May 2013

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