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(05 Jul 2013)

Circular 32/2013 - Income Continuance Plan and ICTU news

Dear Branch Secretary

Income Continuance

After 26 weeks of illness in any 12 month period the Income Continuance Plan pays you an income of 25% of the pensionable salary you were earning before you fell ill topping up your sick pay to 75%.

Once you have been ill for a full 52 weeks in total over a 4 year period, the Plan will pay out a full 75% of pensionable salary less any Early Retirement/Pension rate of pay and/or Social Welfare Disability to which you are entitled. Benefit is paid up to the age of 65. The cost is 0.65% of salary but after tax relief the net cost is approximately 0.51%.

With the pending changes to our sick-leave due to take effect from 1st January 2014, the Association has recently been in negotiations with Cornmarket about a Preferential Application for the AHCPS Income Continuance Plan. The idea behind this Preferential Application is to simplify the process for non-members of the scheme who want to join without having to go through medical underwriting. The basis for this application is:

1. you MUST be a member of the AHCPS
2. you MUST be under age 60
3. You must be actively at work, or capable of being actively at work the day you join
4. You cannot have been absent from work due to any illness or injury or any other medical condition for more than 10 continuous working days in the 12 months prior to the date of signing this declaration (colds or influenza may be ignored)
5. You cannot have taken or been advised to take any medication in the last 12 months for a period of more than 4 weeks
6. You are not currently under consultant or hospital follow-up, or awaiting any test or surgery or results of same
7. You have never been refused, postponed or accepted on special terms for Income Continuance Cover (disability benefit), Life Cover (Death Benefit) or Specified Illness Cover
8. The Preferential application will be available up until 30th of September 2013

For those of you who would be unable to sign the above declaration you can still apply for the scheme using the Standard application; depending on your circumstances this may involve an independent medical.

It has also come to our attention that a number of you may still be insured under the PSEU Income Continuance Plan; if this is the case, Cornmarket have put in place a transfer application which provides a seamless process to switch across to the AHCPS Scheme (this is strongly recommended by both the Union and Cornmarket).

For further details on any of the above points, please contact either Mark Solon – – or Garrett Flynn – – at Cornmarket HQ. They will make themselves available to go through the information with you in person.

ICTU Conference

At the recent Biennial Delegate Conference of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions held in Belfast, the General Secretary was re-elected to the Executive Council.

Please circulate to all members.


Dave Thomas
General Secretary

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