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(03 Dec 2013)

Circular 42/2013 - Presidency Payments

Dear Branch Secretary

One of the commitments in the Haddington Road Agreement was for a payment in respect of considerable additional work carried out during the 2013 Irish Presidency. The Association has been in discussions with the Official Side in relation to this matter for a period of time. It was not possible to reach agreement during these discussions and a number of issues of contention were referred to binding third party adjudication. The report of the Adjudicator is attached.


In summary the Adjudicator recommended that once–off payments be made for both AP and POs and only to those who travelled abroad as follows:


Total Number of Days Travelled abroad over the period of the Presidency Payment
7-20 days €2,250
21 or more days €3,750


Notification will be issued by DPER to Departments and it is hoped that payments will be made as soon as possible.


Please circulate this message to all members. This circular will also be placed on the Association’s website



Dave Thomas
General Secretary

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