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(17 Dec 2013)

Cir. 46/2013


Dear Branch Secretary

Please circulate to all members the following statement received from the Board of the Civil Service Charities Fund.



The Board of the Civil Service Charities Fund is aware of members’ justifiable concerns regarding the alleged use by certain charities of donations to “top-up” the salaries or pensions of senior executives.


For the past 22 years the Board has ensured that all contributions to the Fund have gone to those in need. All administrative activities around the Fund have been carried out on a voluntary basis by either serving or retired civil servants. This includes all administration, vetting of applications, auditing of accounts, presentation of grants etc. There have been no administration charges, no expenses claimed and no salaries paid. Copies of the Fund’s audited accounts are available to all members on request.


Any outlays that the Fund has, and these are small, usually phone calls, postage etc. are paid for by the Civil Service General Council Staff Panel and not from members’ donations. Even the website which was launched to mark the 21st anniversary of the Fund was paid for by a very generous grant from the Civil Service Credit Union and developed free of charge by a volunteer.

Over the years members have open-handedly donated to the Fund by direct payroll deduction of €1 for every €1,000 of basic pay. In doing so members have supported many projects and helped disadvantaged people throughout Ireland in turn, the Board of the Fund has and will continue to make every effort to ensure that every cent given will go where it is most needed.


All funds contributed by members are used for very specific purposes. Grants are only paid to the receiving charity on receipt of a paid invoice for the items or works for which the Board had given prior approval. No funding is ever granted to pay the salaries of or the administration costs of any applicant.


Finally, we would like to thank all our members who give so generously every pay-day.


If you would like to find out more about the Fund or would like to become a member please visit our web-site (


The CIVIL SERVICE CHARITIES FUND is managed by a voluntary committee whose members are nominated by the Unions and Associations affiliated to the Civil Service Staff Panel.


The current management committee is:

• Gerry Malone, Secretary, Civil Service Staff Panel
• Joe Brennan RCPSA
• Joan Byrne CPSU
• Sheila Smith IMPACT
• Larry Dunne AHCPS
• Eugene Quinn PSEU
• Tom Quigley RCPSA
• Ciaran Rohan AHCPS
• Betty Tyrrell-Collard CPSU
This circular is also available on the Association’s website

Dave Thomas
General Secretary


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