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Cir. 22/2013

(15 Apr 2013)

Cir. 22/2013

Dear Branch Secretary

The count of the Association’s ballot on the LRC proposals was completed this morning. There was an 86% turnout with 15% voting in favour of the proposals and 85% voting against the proposals.

The Association will be voting against the LRC proposals at the ICTU Public Services Committee meeting on Wednesday.

The Association will continue to keep members updated. The Association also issued the following press release.

Please circulate to members. This circular will also be placed on the Association’s website

Dave Thomas
General Secretary
15 April 2013


Monday 15th April: The Association of Higher Civil and Public Servants (AHCPS) membership has definitively rejected the proposal to extend the Croke Park Agreement, with 85% voting ‘NO’ to the extension of the agreement. The AHCPS has a membership of over 2,650 and 86% voted in this ballot.

General Secretary of the AHCPS Dave Thomas stated: “In their overwhelming rejection of the Croke Park extension our members are sending a very clear message to Government – that the pay cuts being proposed are not fair or equitable. AHCPS members have already absorbed a series of cuts in recent years, and our membership feels that the raft of cuts proposed is not proportionate or fair, and simply goes too far.

“Furthermore, recent heavy handed interventions by Government have only served to strengthen the ‘NO’ vote delivered here today by AHCPS members.

”At the time of the initial Croke Park Agreement, ACHPS members voted in large numbers to support the Croke Park Agreement, acting in the interest of social solidarity. Indeed at that time, 85% voted in favour of the agreement. This time is very different. Our members cannot take any more cuts to their income. An assistant principal officer earning €69,884 will see a cumulative loss over three years of €24,630. A principal officer on €84,132 will see a cumulative loss of €34,931.

“AHCPS members have already suffered pay reductions of between 15 and 17% before tax and USC increases are taken into account, in addition to extra working hours. As is evidenced by today’s result, these proposals from the LRC are neither fair nor equitable.”



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