Cir 13.2020 – AHCPS Member Survey on Remote Working – Outcomes

Dear Branch Secretary,

As you are aware, the Association recently carried out a survey of members in relation to their experience of working remotely since the beginning of the Covid-19 emergency.

The survey received a very strong response with over 50% of members participating. We would like to thank you sincerely for your support in achieving this outcome.

The detailed results of the survey – including quantitative results and a summary of open responses – can now be accessed on our website at the following link:

The Association has established a sub-committee of our Executive in order to develop a strategy to ensure that the interests of our members are protected in any central policy initiatives in this area. As a first step in this, the Association made a submission to the DBEI Public Consultation on Remote Working Guidance on 7th August. A copy of that submission can be found here

As a next step, the Association will develop a more comprehensive paper on remote working – based on the feedback received from members. This paper will be used as the negotiating position of the Association in our consultations with DPER on the development of a central policy for the public and civil service. It is intended that a special Consultative Council will be organised virtually to consult with branches on this paper before it is finalised.

Please circulate to members in your Branch. This circular will also be placed on Association’s website

Yours sincerely

Paul Malone

Deputy General Secretary

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