Cir. 3.2017

Dear Branch Secretary

As you are aware a dispute has commenced in 8 Tesco stores.

Tesco Ireland is attempting to change contracts of employment without agreement for 250 staff members employed before 1996. For the last 12 months they have intimidated and pressured those workers to leave the business.

They have told them they’re “not wanted”, they’re “old fashioned” and they’re “surplus to requirements”. And why? Because those workers have secure hour contracts with relatively decent pay and conditions.

Tesco has never justified changes to contracts of employment for their workers. In recent weeks it has come to the attention of Mandate Trade Union that Tesco has employed a leading international legal firm which specialises in trade union busting in the United States and in the United Kingdom. Together they have developed a plan which they have code-named ‘Project Black’. This sinister move should be a worry, not only for all workers in Tesco, but for all workers across the retail sector and in Irish society in general.

For the duration of the dispute the Association is asking members to shop with their conscience. Here is a link to a statement from Mandate regarding the strike.

Please circulate this message to all members.



Ciaran Rohan

General Secretary

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