Cir. 6.2022  Update on issues

Cir. 6.2022  Update on issues


Dear Branch Secretary,

I wish to update you on a number of important developments this week.


  1. Following meetings over the last week between the management and staff sides DPER has declined an urgent request from the unions to implement a further roll back of annual leave cycles to facilitate those members who have not been able to take all their annual leave for reasons to do with the pandemic and work pressures.


The staff side unions had argued that a very strong case still existed for a further rollback – given that the state is in the process of exiting emergency measures which were introduced across the board in early 2020. The unions pointed out that many civil servants were not in a position to take their annual leave and that this poor response was entirely dismissive of the efforts of all our members to keep the ship of state afloat throughout this crisis. Notwithstanding these further representations there has been no change in the DPER position.

However, in line with our concerns DPER has advised employers that local flexibility may be exercised where appropriate, outside of the NSSO system to allow for outstanding leave to be used within a defined period beyond the end of March.  (For further information and clarification on the application of the 3 year leave cycle please see below 2018 advisory from the NSSO.)


  1. In a further development this week updated COVID working guidelines have issued which introduce a reduction in covid related special leave with pay for members, as follows;


“From 7 February 2022, in instances where an employee is symptomatic and subsequently has a confirmed case of COVID-19, special leave with pay may continue for up to 10 calendar days if necessary and where it is supported by a positive PCR test for COVID-19 or for those under 40 a positive antigen test registered on the HSE portal. If an employee is still unwell after 10 calendar days they will move to ordinary sick leave arrangements”.

The updated guidelines are available at the following link;

The updated guidelines also change the work from home advice to a phased return to workplaces. The Association is in discussion with all Departments to ensure this is handled in a safe and measured fashion in line with the Transitional Protocol recently published and available at this link;

Transitional-Protocol-Good-Practice-Guidance-for-Continuing-to-Prevent-the-Spread-of-COVID-19.pdf (

  1. Negotiations to finalise a central framework for blended working in the Civil Service will now resume on 9th February. These discussions were paused by the employer side before Christmas to deal with issues on their side.


Ciaran Rohan,

General Secretary

HR Shared Services

Employee Services

National Shared Services Office


Important Notice to all Staff regarding Carryover of Annual Leave



Dear Colleagues,


This alert contains guidance for you on what Annual Leave you may or may not carry over at the end of your leave cycle year.


It is important that staff and managers now actively plan to ensure that all Annual Leave, including previously carried over leave, is taken before the end of the current leave cycle year. This is particularly important in the case of staff in their 3rd year of the Annual Leave Cycle.


How will I be affected?

You will be affected based on your Annual Leave Cycle Year. We have provided a guide on how to check your Annual Leave Cycle Year below.


To identify your Annual Leave Cycle Year:

•                     Please log in to your PeoplePoint account.

•                     Select the Annual Leave option where you will be directed to your Annual Leave Summary page.

•                     The Cycle Year is highlighted under the heading Annual Leave Overview.


If you are in Cycle Year 1 or Cycle Year 2:

If you are in Cycle Year 1 or Cycle Year 2 and have annual leave remaining at the end of your Cycle Year, your leave will carry over automatically and no further input is required.


If you are in Cycle Year 3:

Under the terms of the Annual Leave Circular 27/03, annual leave is broken down into the 4 different types and taken in the following order:

  1. Statutory Carryover Leave
  2. Statutory Leave accrued current Year
  3. Non Statutory leave accrued in current year
  4. Non Statutory Carryover leave


If you are in Cycle Year 3, Carryover of leave is restricted to the remaining balance of annual leave accrued in the current leave year only. Non-Statutory annual leave carried into Year 3 is the last leave to be taken in the leave year, and if you do not avail of your full annual leave entitlement by the end of the leave year, the non-statutory days carried into Year 3 will be forfeited.


Line managers and Local HR departments do not have discretion to approve applications for carry over in excess due to business needs.


Exceptions may be applied, with the discretion of HR or management, to allow carry over in excess of what is otherwise allowable in instances where an officer has been on extended sick leave or maternity leave during Year 3.


If you meet the exception criteria, or have leave remaining from that accrued in Year 3 that you wish to carry over, please discuss your application with your line manager and with their approval, log into your PeoplePoint account, click on Annual Leave Carryover and complete the e-form.


See the Annual Leave Carryover section on the PeoplePoint Portal for further detail and examples.


Carryover of Annual Leave is subject to the provisions of Circular 27/2003 – please specifically note paragraph 14 for an example of carryover in Year 3 and paragraph 15 for the order in which annual leave must be taken.


Please read this alert carefully as no Carryover Application will be processed until the start of the employee’s new leave year.


Note to Managers and Staff:

We would like to remind staff that Annual Leave should be applied for and approved prior to the leave being taken, i.e. Annual Leave must be applied for and approved prior to the end of the leave year at close of business on the last day of the leave cycle year.


If annual leave has not been applied for or approved by this date, it cannot be processed through the e-form, and the manager must create a case to have the leave updated for their staff member.




National Shared Services Office (NSSO)

December 2018


———————————- Gaeilge ———————————-


Tabhair Aird: Soláthraíonn an ríomhphost seo eolas ar Chóras HRMS agus CMS ar líne atá ar fáil i mBéarla amháin. Dá mbeifeá ag iarraidh idirghníomhú a dhéanamh linn i nGaeilge, seol ríomhphost chuig

Mar mhalairt air sin, dá mbeifeá ag iarraidh úsáid a bhaint as an gcóras féinseirbhíse trí Bhéarla, léigh an ríomhphost thíos go hiomlán.

Fógra Tábhachtach do Gach Ball Foirne maidir le Saoire Bhliantúil a Thabhairt ar Aghaidh



A Chomhghleacaithe,

Tá treoir duit san fhógra seo maidir le Saoire Bhliantúil a féidir nó nach féidir leat tabhairt ar aghaidh ag deireadh do bhliain saoire.

Tá sé tábhachtach do bhaill foirne agus do bhainisteoirí dul i mbun pleanála chun cinntiú go bhfuil a saoire iomlán, saoire tugtha ar aghaidh cheana féin san áireamh, tógtha roimh dheireadh na bliana saoire. Tá sé seo tábhachtach ach go háirithe do gach ball foirne sa 3ú bliain den Timthriall Saoire.

Cén tionchar a mbeidh orm?
Beidh tionchar ort bunaithe ar do Bhliain Timthrialla de Shaoire Bhliantúil. Tá treoir curtha ar fáil againn thíos duit ar conas do Bhliain Timthrialla de Shaoire Bhliantúil a sheiceáil.

Chun an Bhliain Timthrialla de do Shaoire Bhliantúil a aithint:

•                     Seol ríomhphost chuig chun í a iarraidh (Gaeilge amháin).

  • Logáil isteach ar do chuntas PeoplePoint, le do thoil (Béarla amháin).
  • Roghnaigh Annual Leave agus treorófar tú go dtí an leathanach Annual Leave Summary.
  • Tá an Bhliain Timthrialla aibhsithe faoin teideal Annual Leave Overview.


Má tá tú i mBliain Timthrialla 1 nó Bliain Timthrialla 2:
Má tá tú i mBliain Timthrialla 1 nó Bliain Timthrialla 2, agus saoire bhliantúil fágtha agat ag deireadh do Bhliain Timthrialla, tabharfar Saoire ar aghaidh go huathoibríoch agus ní gá aon rud eile a dhéanamh.

Más i mBliain Timthrialla 3 atá tú:
De réir téarmaí an Chiorcláin Saoire Bhliantúil 27/03, tá saoire bhliantúil roinnte ina 4 shaghas agus tógtha san ord seo a leanas:

  1. Saoire Reachtúil Tugtha ar Aghaidh
  2. Saoire Reachtúil fabhraithe sa bhliain reatha
  3. Saoire Neamhreachtúil fabhraithe sa bhliain reatha
  4. Saoire Neamhreachtúil Tugtha ar Aghaidh


Más i mbliain timthrialla 3 atá tú, tá tabhairt ar aghaidh na saoire teoranta don iarmhéid saoire bhliantúil atá fágtha agat a bhí fabhraithe sa bhliain reatha amháin. Is í an saoire bhliantúil neamhreachtúil atá tugtha ar aghaidh go Bliain 3 an saoire dheireanach a thógtar sa bhliain saoire, agus mura bhaineann tú leas as do theidlíocht iomlán saoire bhliantúil faoi dheireadh an bhliain saoire, beidh na laethanta neamhreachtúil tugtha ar aghaidh go Bliain 3 caillte agat.


Níl cead ag Bainisteoirí Líne ná ag Rannóga AD Áitiúla iarratais ar thabhairt ar aghaidh sa bhreis a cheadú de bharr cúrsaí oibre.


Is féidir eisceachtaí a chur i bhfeidhm, le cead ó AD nó ó bhainistíocht, chun tabhairt ar aghaidh sa bhreis ar an méid a bhfuil ceadaithe de ghnáth, i gcásanna a raibh oifigeach ar saoire bhreoiteachta fhadtéarmach nó ar shaoire mháithreachais i rith Bliain 3.

Má bhaineann tú na chritéir eisceachta amach, nó má tá saoire fágtha agat a bhí fabhraithe i mBliain 3 gur mhaith leat tabhairt ar aghaidh, pléigh le do bhainisteoir líne é le do thoil agus, lena ceadú, logáil isteach ar do chuntas PeoplePoint, cliceáil ar Annual Leave Carryover agus líon amach an fhoirm leictreonach.

Féach ar an leathanach “Tabhairt ar Aghaidh de Shaoire Bhliantúil” anseo ar Suíomh Tairsí PeoplePoint le haghaidh breis sonraí agus samplaí.

Tá Tabhairt ar Aghaidh de Shaoire Bhliantúil faoi réir forálacha Ciorclán 27/2003 (as Béarla) – le do thoil, tabhair aird go sonrach ar alt 14 ina bhfuil sampla maidir le saoire a thabhairt ar aghaidh i mBliain 3 agus ar alt 15 maidir leis an ord inar saoire bhliantúil a thógáil.

Léigh an fógra seo go cúramach, le do thoil, mar ní phróiseálfar aon Iarratas ar Shaoire Bhliantúil a Thabhairt ar Aghaidh go dtí tús bhliain saoire nua an fhostaí.

Nóta do Bhainisteoirí agus do Bhaill Foirne:
Ba mhaith linn cur i gcuimhne do bhaill foirne gur cheart go gcuirtear iarratais ar Shaoire Bhliantúil isteach agus go gceadaítear iad roimh dháta tosaigh na saoire, i.e. ba cheart go gcuirtear iarratais ar Shaoire Bhliantúil isteach agus go gceadaítear iad roimh deireadh na bliana saoire faoin am scoir gnó an lae deiridh.

Más rud é nach bhfuil iarratas curtha isteach agat ar shaoire nó nach bhfuil sé ceadaithe faoin dáta seo, ní féidir é a phróiseáil tríd an bhfoirm leictreonach agus beidh ar an mbainisteoir líne cás a chruthú (Béarla amháin) nó ríomhphost a sheoladh chuig (Gaeilge amháin) chun taifead Shaoire Bliantúil an fhostaí a uasdátú.

Le meas,


Oifig Náisiúnta um Sheirbhísí Comhroinnte (NSSO)

Nollaig 2018



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