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(29 Apr 2013)

 Circular 26/2013 - Update following meeting with Labour Relations Commission (LRC)

Dear Branch Secretary

Meeting with Labour Relations Commission Friday 26 April 2013 at 12pm in LRC, Tom Johnson House

Present: Kieran Mulvey, Chief Executive, LRC, Kevin Foley, LRC, Anna Perry, LRC, Dave Thomas, John Kelleher, Ciaran Rohan.

The meeting was called by the LRC, at the behest of the Government, to give feedback on the LRC Proposals and to see if there is any way forward in terms making additional public service payroll savings.

The LRC are meeting public service unions on an individual basis and they do not envisage collective discussions.

The LRC indicated that they had been asked to pass on certain information from the Government and to see if the Association had any ideas as to how the savings might be achieved. They emphasised that the savings had to be achieved from the payroll and that alternatives, such as taxation, were not options the Government were willing to consider. In the event that it is not possible to reach agreement with the Public Service Unions, the LRC indicated that the Government would proceed to implement the following measures (amongst others):

• A permanent cut for those earning over a certain sum
• The total abolition of increments for all public servants
• An implementation date of the 1st of June rather than the 1st of July
• A ramping up of outsourcing (without restriction)
• Redeployment without geographical limits
• Compulsory redundancy
• Additional hours
• Reduction in overtime rates
• Reduction in the amount of overtime
• Reduction in premia/shift rates
• Revised roster arrangements

The LRC indicated that the Government intended to proceed to implement the above measures by a combination of legislation, regulation and/or circular.

The Association for its part outlined:

• Further pay cuts were unwarranted given the previous cuts and levy
• How the increment freeze was more significant for many members
• The proposed flexi-time measures did not save any money and were blatantly anti-family-friendly

In addition the Association added:

• How unfair the LRC Proposals were
• How the Proposals lacked balance
• The members of one public service union voting on a pay cut for another union’s members and the potential for a split in the Irish Congress of Trade Unions
• The position of former FÁS Grade 7s and former Superintendent Community Welfare Officers
• The abolition of the Chairman’s and Delegates Allowance
• The proposed use, yet again, of legislation to cut pay
• The proposed use of legislation to implement the other measures contained in the Proposals and the implications of this for industrial relations

The Association emphasised that the matter should be addressed through the taxation system. That could mean that all those taxpayers earning over a certain amount of money (public and private sector) pay additional tax. The Association also asked the LRC to explore the possibility of converting the pension levy into a pay cut. This would reduce the pay bill.

The Association will continue to keep members informed.

This circular is also available on the Association’s website

Please circulate to all members.


Dave Thomas
General Secretary
29 April 2013


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