Annual Leave

The following information relates to the Civil Service.


Specific circulars may be downloaded from the Government Circulars website. For managers in the commercial and non-commercial State sector please visit the relevant organisation’s website on the links page.

  • The current annual leave allowance for:
    • Assistant Principals is 32 days per year.
    • Principal Officer grades is 32 days per year.
  • Staff who were promoted or recruited to AP or PO since 14 December 2011 have an annual leave allowance of 30 days.
  • Periods of unpaid leave are likely to reduce the annual entitlement to paid leave. For example taking unpaid leave for eight weeks will reduce the annual entitlement in that year.
  • Work sharers are entitled to a proportion of annual leave. For example if you work half time, as a Principal Officer you will be entitled to half of year annual leave.

Carryover of Annual Leave

  • Where it is not possible, because of the work requirements, to take leave it may be carried over into the next leave year subject to certain conditions.
  • Leave may only be carried over in two successive years
  • The refusal to grant the untaken leave must be due solely to the requirements of official work.

NOTE: The situation in relation to carrying over statutory minimum leave (currently 20 days per year) is different, and you should check Department of Finance Circular 27/2003