Ezine – November 2016

E-zine – 03/2016  

November 2016

Dear Branch Secretary,


The AHCPS issued a press release last Friday in response to developments in the media and reiterated its call on the Government to accelerate the process of pay restoration. The Association also demanded an earlier engagement for a successor to the Lansdowne Road Agreement. Here is a link to the full press statement. The Association issued its position paper on pay “A Fair Way to Fair Pay” at our ADC in May and it can be accessed Here.

Partial Pay Restoration: Members who suffered the 2013 FEMPI pay cut, will see the first restoration of the cut on 1st April 2017. This will mean salaries will increase in general by approximately 2.75%. The 2nd part of the restoration will happen on 1st January 2018 with increases of the same amounts. A table setting out the revised pay scales can be accessed Here

Changes to the Pension Related Deduction/PRD: From 1/1/16 the exemption level rose to €26,083 benefiting members by €733. From 1/1/17 the exemption rises to €28,750 = €1,000 annual benefit.

Public Service Pay Commission: The Minister for Public Expenditure & Reform Paschal Donohoe has appointed Kevin Duffy, former Chairman of the Labour Court, to Chair the Commission. The establishment of a Public Service Pay Commission to examine pay levels across the public Service is a commitment in the Programme for Partnership Government. It was also a commitment obtained by the Association when it met with the political parties during 2015 and at the Political Hustings held earlier this year just before the calling of the General Election. The Association had been calling for some time for an Independent Wage Determination Mechanism. Here is link to Terms of Reference of the Public Service Pay Commission.

IPA Research Study for the AHCPS: The IPA has commenced its research into pay and benefit levels in the private sector. The research will be used in compiling a case for submission to the Public Service Pay Commission.

Grace Period: Under the Lansdowne Road Agreement the Grace period by which staff can retire on their pre-Haddington Road Salaries has been extended to 1 April 2019. AHCPS members will have their salaries restored to pre-Haddington Road levels by January 2018.   Incremental delays are discounted for calculating superannuation benefits.

Incremental Delays: will cease from 1 July 2017. Any member still due to incur an incremental delay will not suffer an increment freeze after that date. This may arise particularly for those on LSIs.

Flexi Time/Work Sharing: The Association has submitted a claim at General Council that flexible working hours [FWH] be extended to Assistant Principal Officers appointed since the application of the Haddington Road Agreement [HRA] and currently excluded from the facility where it already exists in departments. Discussions are to take place with DPER on the matter.   

PO Open Panel: A total of 164 people were placed on the panel. The Association is still awaiting a decision from DPER on the expiry date of the panel. To date there has been 39 appointments – 5 did not take up offers so assignments have been up to and including number 44.      


ADC Action on Motions: A report on action taken on motions from ADC 2016 has been posted on the website and can be accessed Here

Accommodation: Several departments or sections of departments are in the process of moving to new accommodation which includes a reduction in the number of cellular offices available for our grades. The Head Office Officials are assisting branches whose departments are re-locating in negotiations with local management.

State Agencies

Pay talks in Premier Lotteries Ireland have concluded and members have had the HAY Market Movement applied to salaries for 2016 and onwards.

Bereavement Grant: The Association wishes to again highlight the recent introduction of the €5,000 bereavement grant scheme for members and their spouse/co habiting partner. The grant is payable to the Estate of the deceased member or that of his/her spouse/co habiting partner. Membership fees must be fully paid up at the time of any claim. The scheme has been introduced from 1 August 2016 on a pilot basis and will be reviewed by the Executive after 12 months.

Membership Plus Discount Cards: The Association has committed to renew the cards for the next two years.  The card once received will be valid for two years (2017 & 2018) and will be issued via Branch Secretaries. On receiving the card members must register and activate it on the Membership+ Website to be eligible for discount in various shops, restaurants and locations. Details are available on the site or by downloading the Membership+ app.    

Ciaran Rohan
General Secretary


11 November 2016

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