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Welcome to the Association of Higher Civil and Public Servants (AHCPS) website.

Since 1943 the Association has provided effective negotiation, representation and back-up services to senior civil servants and managers in the commercial and non-commercial State sector in Ireland.

Our members are key policy influencers and public service providers who have made a major contribution to Irish life and administrative, economic and social development since the foundation of the State.




ADC 2017 

The Annual Delegate Conference will take place on Friday 5th May 2017 in the Radisson Hotel, Golden Land, Dublin 2

ADC 2016 

Executive Committee Paper on Pay   "A Fair Way to Fair Pay"  presented by Ciaran Rohan General Secretary to the ADC.


AHCPS Political Hustings debate was
held in the Mont Clare Hotel, Dublin,
on Tuesday 2nd of February. Click here
to listen to the report on Morning Ireland.

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Civil Service Employee Assistance Service



The Fair Shop campaign will be a long-term, sustained and innovative
effort to provide information to consumers – including the country’s 800,000
trade union members – to 
encourage them to spend their money in shops that
respect the rights of their employees. A number of significant retailers have
already been included in the campaign.  

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