AHCPS Cir. 16/2020 – Re – AP Mobility Scheme

Cir. 16/2020 –  Re – AP Mobility Scheme

5 November 2020


Dear Branch Secretary

I am pleased to advise you that the Association has signed off with DPER on the extension of the ‘Service Wide Mobility Scheme’ to include the Assistant Principal Grade. The inclusion of APs at the earliest possible time has been a firm objective of the Executive Committee in response to requests from members.   

DPER will manage a manual system as currently in use under PO Mobility until Q1 of 2021. DPER envisages software developments will be in place at that stage to facilitate inclusion of APs in the electronic process that has been in use for COs & EOs.

A copy of Circular 17-2020 AP Mobility Phase2C of the CS Mobility Scheme as issued on 19th October 2020 can be accessed here. It is specified at Point 26 of the Terms and Conditions applying, that ‘The sending organisation has an obligation to release a staff member who has been successful in an application under the Mobility Scheme’. These Term and Conditions can be accessed here.

Applicants may be invited to a meeting that allows for an engagement between the AP and the potential new employer. This is important to ensure the new role and location is the correct move from the perspective of both the applicant and the advertising organisation.

The PO Mobility Scheme currently in place will now alter to mirror the Terms and Conditions for APs and migrate to an electronic process at the time of admission of APs. The manual application process will continue to operate for both APs & POs for a short transitional period while members adjust to the new electronic application system.

Please circulate to members in your Branch. This circular will also be placed on Association’s website www.ahcps.ie

Yours sincerely

Ciaran Rohan
General Secretary

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