Cir. 7.2021 AHCPS Pink Blue Cancer Awareness

Cir. 7/2021

06 May 2021

To Branch Secretaries

Cancer Awareness Programme 2021

Dear Branch Secretary

I hope this note finds you safe and well.

We alerted you at recent AGMs that the Pink & Blue Power Cancer Awareness Programme was in the pipeline. I am pleased to advise you that it is now up and running and some of you will already have received a mail inviting you to go online to make an appointment.

The attached slides show the Programme is targeted at females aged 30-49 and males 40-65 who are members of our Income Continuance Scheme. The Association wants to thank Cornmarket for making the necessary arrangements to allow these cancer checks to be carried out. To book, simply log on to the website link that will be sent to you when the Pink or Blue Power comes to your area and enter your unique booking code that you will be receiving over the coming weeks as per the schedule in the slides.

The AHCPS and Veterinary Officers Association Income Continuance Plan is underwritten by New Ireland Assurance and available to members at a cost of 0.57% of gross salary. This salary protection insurance is exceptional value for money and the Pink & Blue Power Programme is being run free of charge for members of the scheme. The scheme covers Pre & Post ’95 members to age 65. It also covers to retirement at age 66/67 members recruited since 1st January 2013 under the Single Pension Scheme.

An information video on the Pink & Blue Power Programme is also available at this link

Please circulate this message to all members.

A copy of this circular will be available on our website at

Best regards


Ciaran Rohan

General Secretary

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