Cir. 12/2017

Cir.12/2017 –  Public Service Stability Agreement 2018-2020

8 June 2017

Dear Branch Secretary

Intensive discussions over the last two and a half weeks reached the end early this morning with the presentation of a set of proposals from the Workplace Relations Commission on a proposed extension to the Lansdowne Road agreement. The finalised proposals can be found here. The final decision on whether the proposals are agreed will be determined by ballots of members of the unions concerned including this Association. The Executive Committee meets this coming Monday to consider the proposals.

A press release issued by the Association today can be found here.

The main features of the proposals are as follows:


1st January 2018 to 31st December 2020
By 2020, more than 90% of public servants will be out of FEMPI pay provisions. The remaining FEMPI cuts will be reversed within the two years after 2020.

Pay and pension levy

1st January 2018: 3.75% to 4.1% pay adjustment (comprising a 1% pay adjustment from this agreement and a 2.75% to 3.1% pay adjustment from Haddington Road Agreement)

1st October 2018: 1% pay adjustment
1st January 2019: Pension levy threshold up from €28,750 to €32,000 (worth €325pa)
1st September 2019: 1.75% pay adjustment
1st January 2020: Pension levy threshold increased to €34,500 (worth €250pa)
1st October 2020: 2% pay adjustment.

The Pension Levy will be converted into a pension contribution for all public servants.


No change in value of pensions. No move to CPI link for increases over lifetime of the agreement. Pay-pension link to continue. No career average calculation for future service.
Highest additional pension contribution for those on ‘fast accrual’ pensions – lowest for post-2013 entrants in new ‘single’ pension arrangement.

Other provisions

No weakening of outsourcing protections
No change in working hours, but facility to revert to pre-Haddington Road hours with commensurate pay adjustment
Process to assess recruitment and retention problems

Commitments on work-life balance arrangements.

A general spreadsheet showing the proposed benefits to the individual can be found here. Detailed payscales at AP and PO level illustrating the proposals will issue in due course.

Please circulate to all members. This circular will be placed on the Association’s website



Ciaran Rohan

General Secretary

Association of Higher Civil and Public Servants




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