Industrial Relations News

This section features a selection of articles from Industrial Relations News magazine which may be of interest to AHCPS members. Please check back often as new articles are added regularly.


IRN 9 May 2024 Teething problems flagged with protected disclosures reporting regime

IRN 2 May 2024 First ‘trade union week’ prioritising new protections for trade union members

IRN 2 May 2024 Commission opens consultation on plan for right to disconnect remote work


IRN 11 April 2024 Unions push for worker access in ‘respect at work’ campaign

IRN 11 April 2024 The Code of Practice on Remote and Flexible Working an expert’s view

IRN 11 April 2024 Public servant should be promoted, expiry of panel irrelevant, AO finds

IRN 11 April 2024 Autoenrollment system takes a step closer to reality


IRN 28 March 2024 Callinan’s call on public service entry rate mindful of Living Wage barrier

IRN 28 March 2024 Substantial vote in favour of new public service pay deal is no surprise

IRN 07 Mar 2024 Pay increases hold up during 2023 – IRN survey

IRN 07 March 2024 Ibec highlights pressure on carers, calls for fully-funded Carer’s Guarantee

IRN 07 March 2024 Non-union firms largely remain opposed to bargaining

IRN 07 March 2024 Top-level Remuneration Committee announced, focus on CSBs

IRN 7 March 2024 IRN CIPD pay survey shows increases still around 4% mark


IRN 15 Feb 2024 Public service terms won’t add to inflation, says Minister

IRN 15 Feb 2024 Prison service directors lose pay discrimination cases

IRN 15 Feb 2024 Government will wait on EU agreement before updating EWC law

IRN 15 Feb 2024 Garda HR director refused Supreme Court appeal to halt dismissal

IRN 15 Feb 2024 Extra €400m allocated to pay for new public service deal

IRN 15 Feb 2024 Congress launches new website to attract new union members

IRN 15 Feb 2024 “Far too early” to set collective bargaining target – Coveney

IRN 8 Feb 2024 Two years until Garda civilians become direct employees of force

IRN 8 Feb 2024 Recruitment of WRC AOs due, as Audrey Cahill to take up DG post

IRN 8 Feb 2024 Key public service unions advise members to back deal


IRN 11 Jan 2024 Exchequer figures remain strong but vulnerabilities visible

IRN 11 Jan 2024 Inflation impact on new public service pension liabilities

IRN 11 Jan 2024 Public service unions claim offer of 8.5% “lacks credibility”


IRN 23 Nov 2023 Public service pay talks set to commence on the ‘back foot’

IRN 23 Nov 2023 FEMPI hampers conduct of normal industrial relations, says legal advice

IRN 16 Nov 2023 Public service unions and government officials look set to enter talks

IRN 16 Nov 2023 Fórsa leader criticises DPER for its alleged “stranglehold” over IR

IRN 16 Nov 2023 Civil servant wins probation ruling, Minister’s decision ‘unlawful’

IRN 16 Nov 2023 Border control worker loses compensation following Justice appeal

IRN 09 Nov 2023 HR report of multinationals shows different approaches to hybrid working


IRn 12 Oct 2023 Managing menopause in the workplace

IRN 12 Oct 2023 Budget tax measures will bump earnings by 2% for average income workers


IRN 28 Sept 2023 Vet inspector’s reassignment was not penalisation for disclosure

IRN 28 Sept 2023 Public service unions set out stall for major talks ahead

IRN 28 Sept 2023 Domestic violence & abuse policy for the Civil Service launched

IRN 28 Sept 2023 Ban on Gardaí industrial action as hard to enforce as ever

IRN 21 Sept 2023 Many deficiencies in how An Post dealt with harassment allegation

IR 21 Sept 2023 New ‘binding’ IR rules in Australia will gain international attention

IRN 14 Sept 2023 Top Civil Service posts to attract higher salary following review

IRN 7 Sept 2023 An Post – worker directors push for increases for An Post pensioners

IRN 14 Sept 2023 An Post pensioners secure increases after Ministerial approval

IRN 14 Sept 2023 Garda civilians to remain civil servants for extra year


IRN 27 July 2023 GRA to carry out no-confidence ballot on Commissioner

IRN 27 July 2023 Public Service pay early autumn timetable suits the parties

IRN 20 July 2023 Tory Minister orders end of 4-day week at local Council

IRN 20 July 2023 Immigration control civil servant wins allowance breach claim

IRN 6 July 2023 Union renewal needed to make use of collective bargaining reforms

IRN 6 July 2023 New forum mooted for Garda rosters, GRA advertises top job

IRN 6 July 2023 Engaging young workers a key focus of ICTU conference


IRN 29 June 2023 No recusal of Labour Court division in case taken by former Court member

IRN 29 June 2023 Senior public service pay


IRN 25 May 2023 Fórsa survey reveals how driven public servants are on basic pay

IRN 25 May 2023 Pay restoration at IAA-AirNav backed by internal disputes body

IRN 4 May 23 Air traffic control issues for disputes body, Minister issues assurances

IRN 11 May 2023 Higher civil servants vexed with ‘FEMPI-style’ changes to conditions

IRN 11 May 2023 Garda HR manager’s appeal rejected, but High Court ‘erred’ on disclosures law

IRN 11 May 2023 Free-riders’ approaching 30% of public sector workers

IRN 11 May 2023 WRC opens consultation on remote working code of practice

IRN 4 May 2023 Civil service union alarmed over ‘unilateral’ change to members’ status

IRN 11 May 2023 ICTU publishes articles showing impact of joining EU has had on workers

IRN 11 May 2023 WRC scoring highest IR conciliation success rate

IRN 18 May 2023 Four-day week priority over relationships with colleagues, survey finds

IRN 18 May 2023 Public service pay can parties cut a deal and maintain industrial peace

IRN 18 May 2023 Re-engagement for prison officer, ‘incomprehensible’ lack of contact noted


IRN 2 Feb 2023 Public service numbers reach record high

IRN 2 Feb 2023 Major boost for An Post workers with new pensionable pay terms

IRN 16 Feb 2023 Gov rejects attempt to permit WRC look at why remote working was refused

IRN 23 Feb 2023 De Buitléir review of top peoples


IRN 26 Jan 2023 Public service pension reform set out in Ministerial notes

IRN 12 Jan 2023 Over half of pay deals break 3%, but remain below inflation

IRN 19 Jan 2023 New IR laws on ‘High Level Group’ recommendations likely to be 2024


2022 Articles


IRN 13 Oct 2022 Public service unions back extension to Building Momentum by historic margin

IRN 13 Oct 2022 High Level Group proposals will ‘change the face of IR’ – King

IRN 13 Oct 2022 GRA ordered to appoint assistant following victimisation claim

IRN 13 Oct 2022 Flexible working is still very much ‘a work in progress’


IRN 15 Sept 2022 Great Disconnection poll almost two-thirds of Irish workers disengaged

IRN 8 Sept 2022 Proposed public service pay deal looks too good to fail

IRN 8 Sept 2022 Civil servant claimed not shortlisting him was age and gender discrimination

IRN 8 Sept 2022 Building Momentum takes first step towards acceptance

IRN 1 Sept 2022 New public service deal terms represent ‘significant improvement’

IRN 1 Sept 2022 Revised ‘Building Momentum’ a favourable deal in wider context


IRN 25 Aug 2022 Public service pay talks to resume next week

IRN 25 Aug 2022 Public hearings at WRC have not led to withdrawal of claims



IRN 9 June 2022 Pregnant woman refused remote work during Covid awarded €45k

IRN 9 June 2022 Three days remote working most preferable – new survey

IRN 9 June 2022 Judge restricts art teacher from taking more claims due to ‘abuse of process’

IRN 9 June 2022 Collective bargaining consultation opened as part of ‘High-Level’ review

IRN 16 June 2022 Working from home during Covid increased productivity, but also stress – survey

IRN 16 June 2022 Public service pay – parties aiming to secure deal that delivers stability

IRN 16 June 2022 Further anomaly detected in Gender Pay Gap Regulations

IRN 16 June 2022 ‘Right to Disconnect’ – many see little change in practice

IRN 23 June 2022 Public service pay talks expected to resume at WRC

IRN 23 June 2022 Public service pay – how high should the Government go

IRN 30 June 2022 Public service unions seeking talks, but say Government must improve offer

IRN 30 June 2022 Protected Disclosures bill closer to enactment, retrospection explained


IRN 5 May 2022 Secondment decisions are between public service body and “parent Department”

IRN 5 May 2022 Minister promises wider application of new ‘whistleblower’ law


IRN 28 April 2022 Remote working should not be one-off deal for individuals

IRN 28 April 2022 Life and job satisfaction highest for those working mostly from home

IRN 28 April 2022 Government meets deadline on HRA hours restoration, pay talks next

IRN 28 April 2022 Flexitime accrual’ can work within ‘Blended Working’ policy – finding

IRN 28 April 2022 Employers report increased productivity as they embrace home


IRN 3 March 2022 Social partner consultation issue raised in remote work bill discussion

IRN 3 March 2022 An Post pay deal to secure ‘stability and certainty’ for two years

IRN 10 March 2022 Garda action plan cites civilianisation, technology changes

IRN 10 March 2022 Rules for gender pay gap reporting expected ‘in the coming weeks’

IRN 17 March 2022 Civil Service Accountability Board “de facto does not exist”

IRN 17 March 2022 Remote work bill should be given ‘decent burial’ – Nash

IRN 17 March 2022 Unions believe “review” needed to stabilise public service deal

IRN 24 March 2022 ESRI sees danger of wage-price spiral, suggests targeted measures

IRN 24 March 2022 Pensions Commission – Government response delayed to April



IRN 24 Feb 2022 Public Service sectoral bargaining majority opt for straight one per cent IRN 24 Feb 2022 Mulvey-led report credits extra hours for role played in two crises

IRN 10 Feb 2022 Senior civil servants review panel raises crunch issues for Minister

IRN 3 Feb 2022 The big return consult reps and proceed with caution, employers told

IRN 3 Feb 2022 Public service numbers set to hit 380,000 this year

IRN 3 Feb 2022 Oireachtas report signals political cost of higher state pension age

IRN 3 Feb 2022 Gender pay gap regulations awaited as firms publish reports

IRN 3 Feb 2022 Minister suggests review to examine top level public pay & appointments

IRN 3 Feb 2022 Baranya decision points to need for public interest test in whistleblower law


IRN 13 Jan 2022 Unions waste no time in backing Mulvey Body’s “HRA hours” recommendation

IRN 13 Jan 2022 Public pay bill remains on target, say Revised Estimates

2021 Articles


IRN 28 Oct 2021 Trade union rationalisation back in focus, ‘new economy’ targeted

IRN 28 Oct 2021 Return to work guidance from LEEF forum

IRN 28 Oct 2021 ICTU leader takes aim at ‘litigation strategy’ against wage-setting laws

IRN 28 Oct 2021 High-Level Group’ progress on two key IR areas – ICTU general secretary

IRN 14 Oct 2021 Public service pay bill to rise by 3.7%, excluding extra recruitment

IRN 14 Oct 2021 Boost to remote working subsidies from 2022

IRN 7 Oct 2021 High inflation will shape pay bargaining says Fórsa chief


IRN 30 Sept 2021 In binding decision, IR body tells aircraft controllers to work call-in scheme

IRN 30 Sept 2021 Physical distancing in workplace remains – for now

IRN 2 Sept 2021 Broad perspective, common sense, needed in ‘return to office’ working

IRN 2 Sept 2021 DPER report looks at IR expertise in the Civil Service


IRN 26 Aug 2021 Political resistance to pension reforms overestimated – DPER

IRN 26 Aug 2021 Remote working consultation shows common ground as new law nears

IRN 26 Aug 2021 Cross-sector survey features benefits & rewards, Covid-related change


IRN 8 July 2021 DPER looks to address shortage of Irish-based applicants for top EU posts

IRN 15 July 2021 New policy foresees structured “blended working” by March, 2022


IRN 24 June 2021 No stability if reduced hours deal not “followed through” – public service unions

IRN 3 June 2021 TCD paper says Ireland needs binding legislation on the ‘right to disconnect’

IRN 10 June 2021 Return to office’ debate kicks off in earnest as pressures mount

IRN 3 June 2021 Garda bodies seek more consultation on drug testing

IRN 3 June 2021 Reconsider traditional support for voluntarist IR system, unions advised

IRN 3 Jun 2021 “Scientific” benchmarking exercise preferable, says top civil servant


IRN 27 May 2021 Problem performers & perfect performance improvement plans

IRN 27 May 2021 Fórsa leader seeks to renew union consolidation plan

IRN 27 May 2021 Civil Service Renewal 2030 Strategy’ based on 3-year action plans

IRN 27 May 2021 AHCPS seek balance on remote work, slams ‘unfair’ pay awards

IRN 20 May 2021 Ibec survey shows bulk of employers eager to get staff back to workplace

IRN 20 May 2021 Civil Service more innovative, but significant ‘challenges’ remain – survey

IRN 20 May 2021 Major survey reaffirms high employee demand for remote working

IRN 20 May 2021 Key civil service unions sign up to BM’s reform ‘action plan’

IRN 20 May 2021 Some FEMPI provisions “still valid and needed” – Minister

IRN 13 May 2021 Remote working needs to “protect competitive, pro-enterprise economy” – Tánaiste

IRN 13 May 2021 Flexible working consultation seeks views for work-life balance framework

IRN 13 May 2021 Remote working NCPC considers implications for competitiveness & productivity

IRN 6 May 2021 Key appointments under ‘Building Momentum’ agreement


IRN 29 April 2021 COVID-19 pandemic heightens an ‘always on’ work culture

IRN 6 May 2021 Fórsa opts for straight 1% for clerical, admin & executive grades

IRN 22 April 2021 Employers facing up to the challenge of a transformed workplace

IRN 29 April 2021 Fatal vulnerability’ in Revenue’s handling of worker’s dismissal for sale of contraband

IRN 22 April 2021 Bank of Ireland’s new hybrid model fits “staff preferences”

IRN 15 April 2021 New 65-year old benefit allows ‘subsidiary employment’

IRN 15 April 2021 Pension age hike needed to soften demographic blow, says Finance

IRN 15 April 2021 Key takeaways on the WRC’s ‘Right to Disconnect’ Code of Practice

IRN 15 April 2021 Supreme Court’s ‘broad perspective’ saves WRC, but changes afoot

IRN 1 April 2021 Survey provides window into HR practice & thinking in a time of crisis

IRN 15 April 2021 DPER & unions close to finalising sectoral bargaining units, key chairs agreed

IRN 1 April 2021 Trade Unions – To Recognise or Not To Recognise.docx

IRN 1 April 2021 Remote working plan envisages 400 ‘hubs‘

IRN 1 April 2021 Fórsa wants to negotiate an agreement on public service remote working

IRN 1 April 2021 Review of collective bargaining and the “IR landscape” set to commence


IRN 25 March 2021 Aviation Authority Trade Union 5-year agreement should ensure stability

IRN 25 March 2021 Civil Servant awarded €40,000 for not being shortlisted for promotion

IRN 25 March 2021 Former adjudicators can take claims against Minister, not WRC

IRN 18 March 2021 Bullying at work – implications of the new Code of Practice

IRN 11 March 2021 Stress on the rise, estimated 300m overtime hours worked in pandemic

IRN 11 March 2021 Biden’s labour bill faces uphill fight, but indicative of wider shift

IRN 11 Mar 2021 Information released on secretary general pay issue suggests some unease

IRN 4 March 2021 All ICTU public service unions ‘sign up’ to deal’s disputes mechanisms


IRN 25 Feb 2021 Controlling the costs of the new deal – DPER’s task

IRN 25 Feb 2021 Public pay deal backed sectoral bargaining & ‘hours’ centre stage

IRN 25 Feb 2021 A good deal for the public service unions, Government banks on industrial peace

IRN 18 Feb 2021 Following rejection of pay deal, MLSA union faces key decision

IRN 25 Feb 2021 No delegate count this time for deal backed by 13 of 17 unions

IRN 18 Feb 2021 Key workers deserve cash or extra leave post-pandemic – Varadkar

IRN 11 Feb 2021 Top public service pay Government continues to operate in a policy vacuum

IRN 11 Feb 2021 Employees and the pandemic new set of employment law challenges

IRN 4 Feb 2021 COVID-19 & Remote Working – Key Considerations for IR practitioners

IRN 4 Feb 2021 Decision on secretary general’s pay shouldn’t lead to claims, says McGrath


IRN 28 Jan 2021 PAS’s description of applicant had “patronizing and insulting overtone”

IRN 28 Jan 2021 HR body cautions ‘right to disconnect’ code must not adversely affect MNCs

IRN 7 Jan 2021 Public service deal decision in February on deal that delivers up to 3.4%

IRN 7 Jan 2021 Public service pension costs liabilities explained

IRN 7 Jan 2021 Civil Service “well positioned” to formalise flexible options after move to remote working